Gothic À Gogo

So I’m still going through the pictures from our recent trip to Germany, Poland, and Norway.  This time, my camera seemed to focus on architectural elements.  I’ve always had a very strong affinity for all things gothic, so here are some of the better elements – with some baroque mixed in.


Cathedral – Bremen, Germany – Door Decoration


Statute – Hanseatic City of Lübeck


Gargoyle – Rathaus, Hanseatic City of Lübeck


Dresden, Germany


Dionysian Orgia – Dresden, Germany


Berlin, Germany


Wittenberg, Germany


Trondenes Church – Trondenes, Norway


Trondheim Cathedral – Trondheim, Norway

2 thoughts on “Gothic À Gogo

  1. That downspout makes me smile. I wish building style would return to accepting a bit more craft and a smidge more whimsy. Surely the flat walls, neutral colors, and block shapes will go away again soon?

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