Pandemic Drinking and Eating

I’ve been working from home since March and will continue at least through the end of the year. The amount of work has been insane, but being at home gives me the opportunity to step away from time-to-time and fire up the grill or try more time-consuming recipes. One of the more ambitious things I…

Summer in the Yard

Not too much going on in the yard this year. The advantage of working from home is that I can water as needed, so things look better. I only took on one small project. My back gate became unhinged (much like a significant minority of the country) so I had to do some repair work….

Rite of Spring

So here’s the annual photo of my clematis. And after four years, my agapanthus is finally blooming and attracting butterflies and humming birds. And if I were able to grow a vegetable garden, this is probably how I’d approach it.

Adventures in Babysitting

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to stay with my friend Lola while her Pop was out of town. We had a great time! The week before, Lola had earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen and Novice Trick Dog certifications – Yay, Lola! A good time was had by all.

Greetings from Sweden!

This year’s vacation was in Europe – Sweden, Denmark, Hamburg, England, and France – then a trans-Atlantic crossing to New York on the Queen Mary 2. That was in September and October; it’s taken me awhile to get the photos all sorted out. It was way over-the-top, so if it turns out to by my…

Back from the Dead

Three years ago, when the neighbors put in their pool, something went awry with my yard; all the grass eventually died. After several attempts to spot treat, I went ahead and had the whole thing re-sodded in March. Finally, it’s coming back into its own. I’m also happy with what’s going on in the front….

Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit!

I had an absolutely off-the-hook time at an Oktoberfest yesterday! Die Speisekarte was: Märzenbier and Brezel Wine:  Trimbach Riesling Cuvee Emile, 2009 (the best white I have ever had) Rotkohl (the best red cabbage I have ever had, either in or out of Germany) Kartoffelknödel (potato dumplings) Spätzle (homemade) Münchner Bratwurst Lots of laughing, singing,…