sweet willow

Willow Checking Things Out

Willow and Blue Bonnets

Willow in the Blue Bonnets

Smiling Willow

Happy Willow

Annabelle - Canada Road Trip (2004)

Annabelle – Pooped from Mountain Climbing

Annabelle - Canada Road Trip (2007)

Annabelle – Johnston Canyon, Alberta, Canada 2004


Annabelle – 2004


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You Can’t Shame the Shameless


Chan Lowe

Courtesy of Chan Lowe, Tribune Content Agency


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And it smells nice, too…

My confederate jasmine is in full swing.

star jasmine1 (4-29-18)

Confederate Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)


star jasmine (4-29-18)

Confederate Jasmine


And another gratuitous clematis photo.


clematis (4-29-18)

Purple Clematis


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Clematis, 2018


clematis 2018

My clematis, 2018 blooming – 14 April 2018


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Happy Easter

Trump touts US economy, military at White House Easter Egg Roll

‘Cause little kids are all about defense spending and troop levels.  *sigh*


Poor Easter Bunny – you just can’t unsee that ’60 Minutes’ Stormy Daniels Interview


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Soul Crushing meeting (003)

My Life Summed Up in One Picture

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March Madness

Apologies in advance for the horrible pun; I hate sports, but the sentiment seemed apropos.

This is a weird time of year.  Everything should be coming back to life, but the live oak is shedding all its dead leaves in copious waves of falling brown sheets.  It’s a losing battle.  Even the gnome is resigned.

gnomeI worked in the yard today, in the rain.  It was all by rote – muscle memory.  I had to get the sprinkler heads flagged before the aerator comes.  There is no longer any joy, though; it’s just the same.  But in the yard, as with life these days, there are the occasional bright spots – a newness I’ve been looking for.  So like the rose and the iris in the garden, I cherish the newly discovered and shared Syrah; the vibrant conversation; and the best sauerkraut and sausage I’ve ever had.

fairie rose


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