Seasonal Odds and Ends

So it’s the end of October – one of my favourite times of the year.  It’s been gorgeous this weekend – ‘Chamber-of-Commerce Weather’ as they say – cloudless blue skies and cool mornings (which have blossomed into near-record high temperature afternoons).

In memory of our recent trip to Germany, we’re having Sauerbraten and Kartoffelklöße for dinner this evening.  With that, I’m having Heavyweight Old Vine Zinfandel from Scotto Cellars.  This Zin (82 percent Zinfandel, 14 percent Syrah and 4 percent Mourvèdre) was used in the marinade/gravy and it’s quite substantial.

Heavyweight Old Vine Zinfandel – California

One of my favourite ‘Halloween drinks’ is really quite simple – prosecco with crème de violette.  It’s extremely floral – which takes some getting used to, but the colour is fantastic.  Depending upon how much crème de violette you put it, it can range from a pale amethyst to dark inky purple.

Prosecco and Crème de Violette

While I was working outside last weekend, I ran across this fellow.  He was trying to hide in the ficus tree.  It was like ‘Jungle Book’ in miniature.

Garter Snake in the Ficus
Garter Snake in Ficus

Today was Halloween decoration day.  This is a phased approach with me.  Unlike Christmas, I don’t like to lay all my cards on the table at once.  I much prefer the ‘build-up’ so more things will be added every couple days until the big night.  Since it’s a Friday night this year, I’m sure the reverie factor will be upped several notches.

I love Halloween decorating, but I’m decidedly not a blood-and-gore kind of guy.  I’m really cornball – I love that old fun, non-menacing stuff from when I was in elementary school.  (I sure wish Disney would re-release its ‘A Disney Halloween’ show from the ’80s and ’90s.  That’s much better than any slasher pic.)

front door
Halloween Front Door
spooks and ghouls
Spooks and Ghouls
The Halloween Mantle

This clock belonged to my third great grandparents, William Carroll Jackson and Samantha Ellen Franklin Jackson.  They got it when they were married in 1848 in Lincoln County, Tennessee and brought it to Texas, wrapped in quilts, in a covered wagon in 1850.  I’m sure they never imagined, in their wildest dreams, that it would be part of an Halloween tableau.

Franklin Clock Halloween

And like I said, I love ‘corny,’ so this ‘ghost’ is one of my favourites.  Interestingly, Charlie the cat LOVES this thing.  Whenever it comes out of it’s hiding place, he falls asleep in its arms.

Muslin Ghost

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  1. plumdirt says:

    Happy Halloween! I hope this glorious weather continues for awhile yet.

  2. A bit of a cool-down, but it looks like great weather for at least a week or so…

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