The Project

Last Friday, the weather was gorgeous, so I decided to do a little editing on the bed next to the brick patio. It had become overgrown with monkey grass (liriope) which was pretty unattractive and was harboring snakes (both good and bad kinds). I pulled out all the monkey grass (filling a 34-gallon composting bin…

Summer in the Yard

Not too much going on in the yard this year. The advantage of working from home is that I can water as needed, so things look better. I only took on one small project. My back gate became unhinged (much like a significant minority of the country) so I had to do some repair work….

Rite of Spring

So here’s the annual photo of my clematis. And after four years, my agapanthus is finally blooming and attracting butterflies and humming birds. And if I were able to grow a vegetable garden, this is probably how I’d approach it.

Back from the Dead

Three years ago, when the neighbors put in their pool, something went awry with my yard; all the grass eventually died. After several attempts to spot treat, I went ahead and had the whole thing re-sodded in March. Finally, it’s coming back into its own. I’m also happy with what’s going on in the front….

March Madness

Apologies in advance for the horrible pun; I hate sports, but the sentiment seemed apropos. This is a weird time of year.  Everything should be coming back to life, but the live oak is shedding all its dead leaves in copious waves of falling brown sheets.  It’s a losing battle.  Even the gnome is resigned….


Things are coming along in the garden.                              


This weekend has been gray and dreary – typical Winter – but not cold enough for my liking.  In mid-December, though, it got quite cold for a few days – upper 20s.  Cold enough that most of my perennials died off.  And last week, it got down to 18 degrees for a couple of nights,…

It’s July

It’s July and not much going on.  The weather continues to be unusual.  We’ve already surpassed the average rainfall that we receive in an entire year – and it keeps coming.  While I’m glad we finally have rain, the unfortunate by-product is mosquitos.  I’ve never seen them this bad; ever.  I suffer through, but fully…