It’s July

It’s July and not much going on.  The weather continues to be unusual.  We’ve already surpassed the average rainfall that we receive in an entire year – and it keeps coming.  While I’m glad we finally have rain, the unfortunate by-product is mosquitos.  I’ve never seen them this bad; ever.  I suffer through, but fully expect to catch malaria one of these days.

I’m traveling a lot this month – next week in Chicago and back-to-back D.C. trips two weeks after that.  Probably going to try to build in a couple days vacation into the last D.C. sojourn.

Well, here are some odds-and-ends photos.

Brian’s sister Lisa made these for me.  She’s definitely the most creative person I know.

Stone M&Ms – Courtesy of Lisa Roberts

Brian made this Fourth-of-July cake yesterday.  Way more patience than I could ever hope to muster.

Fourth-of-July Cake Cut
Red Velvet Fourth-of-July Cake (Lots and Lots of Sprinkles)

The Black-Eyed Susan I got yesterday – it wouldn’t be summer without at least one of these.

Black-Eyed Susan
Black-Eyed Susan (July 2015)

So I’m trying a mandevilla again because Brian likes ‘showy plants.’  I’ve never had any luck with these.  Perhaps eighth time is the charm.

Mandevilla (July 2015)

Hope everybody’s having a great summer….

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  1. plumdirt says:

    I think that cake almost has as many sprinkles as my backyard has mosquitos. I’ve been tempted time and time again to take a marker to my legs and draw constellations. Last year we had a ton of dragonflies. This year, not so many. Where are all the predators? Already fattened up and happy to laze about in the seasonally mild weather?

  2. I know what you mean; not many dragonflies this year. But unfortunately after all the rain, more scorpions in the house. Uhg.

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