Austin, Part 2

I usually hate graffiti – it’s a scourge.  But sometimes you run across one or two pieces in Austin that are pretty cutting.  This one says it all.

Greetings from Austin, Texas!

So I normally do posts about places that I’m visiting, but yesterday was such a spectacular Autumn day, I decided to play tourist in my own back yard. I’m not sure why, but it seems to me that the fall colour in Austin this year is particularly vibrant – and a tad early.  The sumacs…

A Sort of Homecoming

My apologies to U2 for the title of this post  but I thought it was à propos in several different ways.  (Not a good week for Bono, apparently; a few days ago, one of the doors of his private jet fell off at 30,000 feet over Europe and yesterday, he was injured in a bicycle accident…

Gothic À Gogo

So I’m still going through the pictures from our recent trip to Germany, Poland, and Norway.  This time, my camera seemed to focus on architectural elements.  I’ve always had a very strong affinity for all things gothic, so here are some of the better elements – with some baroque mixed in.