Willow Girl

This is my friend, Willow.  I’ve posted about her before.  She’s my drinking buddy at the Draught House.

Willow by the fire – Christmas 2017

I stayed with her on Halloween while her human companion, my friend Jason, was out of town for a hearing.  We had a great time handing out candy to the little kids and then just chilling to some Debussy.

Willow on Halloween
Ghosts and ghouls chased away, Willow and I listening to Pelleas et Melisande

I love watching her when her Pop is out of town with a trial or hearing.  We had a great time at Town Lake in July.  It was hotter’n hell, but she was a super trooper.

Willow at Town Lake (July 2017)
Willow and me at Town Lake – July 2017
Willow Post-Town Lake (July 2017)
Post Town Lake – Pooped but a happy camper

Sometimes on Friday evenings, after particularly long weeks, Willow, Jason, and I hang out on his back porch with some great fortifying wine and bemoan how bad our jobs are sometimes.  Willow gets tons of scratches, and the week seems to end on a high note.

Willow on the porch
Willow on the Porch, waiting for scratches

Willow is a great car dog.  Her grandfolks live in Houston and sometimes she travels with them for visits.

Willow ready to go
Willow, ready to get the show on the road



Willow and Grandpop
All fastened in, keeping Grandpop company

We found out last week that she is very sick.  I’m heart-broken; my friend Jason is bereft.  We’re going to make her remaining days comfortable and happy.  A sweet, sweet soul.

Willow and her monkey
Willow and her monkey



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  1. Willow had her first treatment yesterday. It went well and the report was encouraging. Happy camper.

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