Greetings from Scotland! (Part 1 – Edinburgh)

So the big adventure in 2016 was a trans-Atlantic sailing from New York to Southampton, England, and then eight days driving around Scotland.

We spent a half-day in New York and saw ‘The Humans’ on Broadway.  It won the Tony for Best Play and I can certainly see why; it was extremely compelling.

The sail-out from Brooklyn provided another postcard-perfect view of the Manhattan skyline…


Manhattan, New York – 8 September 2016

The crossing was eight days, with a stop in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  There was some rain, but no heavy seas; it was generally uneventful.

On our arrival in the UK, we flew from Southampton to Amsterdam, then on to Edinburgh, Scotland.  After picking up the car – an SUV, actually which was NOT fun to drive on tiny country roads – we made our way to Linlithgow Palace.  This medieval palace was the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. Like almost all the castles, monasteries, and palaces we visited, it was mostly in ruins.  But it was an outstanding example of Scottish gothic and medieval architecture.

Statue – Mary Queen of Scots – Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgow, Scotland


Courtyard Fountain, Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgow, Scotland


Architectural Detail – Linlithgow Palace, Scotland


Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgow Scotland

I think the highlight of the three days in the environs of Edinburgh had to be Holyrood Palace.  As I’ve always been fascinated with Mary Queen of Scots, it’s been a must-see.  It did not disappoint.


Holyrood Palace – Edinburgh, Scotland


Statue of David Rizzio, Holyrood Palace Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland


Fuchsia – Holyrood Palace Gardens – Edinburgh, Scotland








Holyrood Palace – Edinburgh, Scotland
Holyrood Palace – Edinburgh, Scotland


Architectural Element – Holyrood Abbey Ruins – Holyrood Palace – Edinburgh, Scotland

After we finished at Holyrood, we walked up ‘Arthur’s Seat’ for some spectacular views.


Arthur’s Seat from Holyrood Palace – Edinburgh, Scotland



Ruins of St. Andrew’s Chapel – Halfway Up Arthur’s Seat – Edinburgh, Scotland


Edinburgh from Arthur’s Seat

After Arthur’s Seat, we walked to Edinburgh Castle.


Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland


Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland


Soldiers’ Dogs Cemetery – Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland


St. Margaret’s Chapel – Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

The following day, we took a trip to Inchcolm Abbey – a 30-minute boat ride into the Firth of Forth to get to this medieval monastery.


Inchcolm Abbey, Scotland


Inchcolm Abbey, Scotland


Inchcolm Abbey, Scotland


Inchcolm Abbey, Scotland

Next up – Aberbeen and Inverness…


















4 Comments Add yours

  1. plumdirt says:

    How lovely! Thanks for taking us along, so to speak. What motivated the sea passage as opposed to a flight?

    1. Thank you very much! We’d done a trans-Atlantic ocean crossing before. I really appreciate the leisurely pace, which was much-needed after a really stressful few months. Also, it really is great for jet lag since lose and hour each day rather than 6 in one fell swoop. East-bound jet lag affects me for several days and I felt like I needed to be sharp since I was going to drive in the UK.

  2. Steven says:

    Beautiful! We visited Edinburgh one weekend during the SU London program. It was absolutely stunning. But your photos show it in an even better light than I remembered. And how fun to be able to take a ship across the Atlantic! Can’t wait to see more.

  3. Hey Steven – Thanks! I’m really glad you got the chance to go to Edinburgh during your SU days – you all should definitely go back – a really amazing city!

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