Greetings from Washington, DC!

I had two trips to Washington in January and February.  The first one was the day after ‘snowpocalype,’ so I was stuck at the hotel most of the time.  The weather was much improved for my second trip in February.

White House
The White House – February 2016
Lincoln Memorial - February 2016
Lincoln Memorial – February 2016
Mall Silver Sculpture
Sculpture on the National Mall
Bronze Coat
A Bronze Coat – the National Mall – February 2016
National Gallery
Jan de Bray – Portrait of the Artist’s Parents Salomon de Bray and Anna Westerbaen, 1664 – The National Gallery


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  1. plumdirt says:

    That portrait…wow. The talent in people’s hands and hearts.

  2. Exactly right. I go to the National Gallery every time I’m in D.C. and I always see something I missed the last time.

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