Odds and End – December 2015

Not much going on that’s post-worthy.  Busy at work, but planning to cut the cord and take almost two whole weeks off at the end of the month.

Here’s the 2015 Christmas Tree.  This is a new one – 12 feet tall but very narrow and tapered.  This tree was a breeze to put up; it’s only five sections and each section plugs into the center pole, so no extension cords.  And no assembly-wiring diagrams that look like one needs a degree in Trigo-Calculary to figure out.

Christmas Tree 2015

Christmas Tree 2015

Here’s the latest ‘Gus’ photo.

Gus and Charlie - December 2015

Gus and Charlie Chillaxing (for a brief moment) – December 2015

I saw this a few days ago on my way back to my office.  At least I have options when my current career path peters out…

Plan B

Plan B

3 thoughts on “Odds and End – December 2015

  1. Your tree really is (was) beautiful, Chuck. We’ve been out of town the past three Chrismases and haven’t bothered putting one up. We’re in the market for a new one, though, and I like the idea of the sections plugging into each other. Our old tree was such a tangle of cords…

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