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Greetings from Washington D.C.!

So another Department of Labor conference in Washington.  This year, there was snow.  And cold.  When I walked around the Mall taking these photos, it was 24 degrees.  When I left on Friday, it was 7.

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And it’s the Beagle!

So we’re very excited that a beagle, ‘Miss P,’ won the 2015 Westminster Dog Show! Our Annabelle is Miss P’s great aunt.  You can certainly tell the family resemblance when it comes to chowing down.

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Der Stammbaum

Finally, after more than three years of on-and-off work, I’ve completed revisions and published the 2015 edition of Der Stammbaum der Familie Brunnemann.    The Stammbaum traces my Brunnemann family from 1640s Pomerania to 1905 in Flatonia, Texas. This is the … Continue reading

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Forbidden Corner

I found this fantastic garden on ‘Atlas Obscura.’  It’s in Coverham, England.  The very definition of whimsical, I think. Forbidden Corner

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