Winter in West Texas

So I was back in Abilene this weekend.  Hopefully the end is in sight for that – and it’s not a freight train.  The drive from Austin can be pretty bleak at this time of year, but I kept my eyes open (and had to take a detour), so I found some interesting sights.

This is a stretch between Brady and Santa Ana, Texas.

Santa Ana
Creek outside Santa Ana, Texas – January 2015

Highway 71 between Llano and Brady is closed in one spot, so I took a detour – very interesting.  This is the Bethel Chapel outside Katemcy, Texas.  There’s an interesting cemetery next to the chapel, but I didn’t have time to wander through it.

Bethel Chapel
Bethel Chapel, Katemcy, Texas – January 2015

The detour took me through Fredonia, Texas.  I’ve always noticed the signs for the Fredonia Peanut Company, so I finally had the opportunity to pass through.

Fredonia, Texas – January 2015
Fredonia, Texas – January 2015
Fredonia, Texas – January 2015

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