Ramblin’ Man

So I should have been in Abilene this weekend, but decided to stay home to attend to other things, but took time out to wander around the green belt yesterday. We’ve had reasonable rain these past couple of months, so things didn’t look too terribly dire. More dead cedar and other scrub, and fading wild flowers, but not too bad.

I noticed this a couple of years ago, but it seems to be thriving – a prickly pear cactus (Cactaceae Opuntia) growing in a live oak tree.  It just boggles the mind, really.

GB-Cactus in Tree Jul 14
Cactus in a Live Oak Tree

Most of the wildflowers that are left are yellow, with the occasional purple Mexican petunia or wild verbena, but this one got my attention – certainly a standout.  The flowers look a little like penta…perhaps carried from some back yard by birds.

GB-Pink Flowers1 Jul 14
Pink Wild Flowers

I’m not an anatomist, but I’m assuming this is the remnants of a deer leg.  I wonder if the coyotes got lucky.  Interesting how it got into the tree like that – a little “Blair Witch Project”-y.  But you tend to see stuff like that back there on the trails – stacked rocks, etc.

GB-Deer Leg Jul 14
Deer Leg Bone in Tree

The rest are just interesting flowers/rocks/dry water ways I captured – enjoy!

GB-Pink Flowers Jul 14
Barton Creek Green Belt – Pink Flowers
GB-Wild Flowers Jul 14
Barton Creek Green Belt – Waning Wild Flowers
GB-Wild Flowers1 Jul 14
Barton Creek Green Belt – Yellow Flower
GB-Turks Cap Jul 14
Barton Creek Green Belt – Turks Caps in the Wild
GB-Holely Rock Jul 14
Barton Creek Green Belt – Holey Rock
GB-Gully Jul 14
Barton Creek Green Belt – Dry Water Way


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