Greetings from Rapid City, South Dakota – Land of Snow

So I’m at a conference in Rapid City, South Dakota, the day after the worst October blizzard on record.  These poor, poor people – 30 inches of snow, drifting to eight feet in places and power out for days.


Despite this, Rapid City seems to be a nice little town.  The downtown area has some quirky shops and some decent little bistro-type restaurants.  If you’re here, I highly recommend Wine Cellar Restaurant.  As the name implies, a really impressive wine list.  I enjoyed several – ok four…my hotel was one block away and I was walking – glasses of various reds.  Standouts included the Three Saints 2009 Syrah from the Santa Ynez Valley and the 2008 Hendry HRW Zinfandel from Napa.

The Syrah was great with the bread and garlic-golden raisin puree.  The Zinfandel was perfectly paired with what was one of the best beef fillets I’ve ever had.  It was topped with thick-cut, smoky, perfectly prepared bacon and an outstanding béarnaise sauce.  Dessert was a cold fudge pie with caramel and sea salt.

I generally don’t like going out by myself when I travel, but they seated me at the bar and I met some locals who really made the evening enjoyable.  I’d definitely come back.

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