Thanks, Matthew Brady!

Genealogist are beholden to folks like Matthew Brady who really served to popularize photography in the mid-19th century.  I’m particularly fortunate because my third great uncles, Moses and Aaron Cadwell were so taken with photography that they opened the first studio in Flatonia, Texas, in operation from the early 1870s through about 1910.  Having a photographer in the family really added to the photo documentation I have available.  (Interesting story about Moses and Aaron Cadwell… as the names imply they were twins.  When they came to Texas from Illinois in 1844, they were taken for a brief time by Kiowa Indians who were enthralled with twins.  After they were returned, the boys were sometimes hidden in the flour barrel on the wagon to prevent another ‘kidnapping.’)

Apart from the ability to put a face with a name, you also get a sense of the 19th and early 20th century artistic sensibility.  That was brought home to me recently when I ran across this photo on (taken from Twitterer VintageWTF):

smoking boy with chicken
Child Smoking with a Chicken

This really just defies description, doesn’t it?  But it prompted me to go through my family album to see if I had anything similar.  The following is my gallery of ignominy.

A photo of Ed Arnim and ‘Miss Paula’ (Paula Marberger Arnim) with a horse wearing a macramé blanket, taken by Moses Cadwell.

ed arnim0001
Ed Arnim, Miss Paula, and unidentified (mortified) horse, about 1900, Flatonia, Texas

My great grandfather, Hugh Brunnemann on his first birthday, wearing his father’s spectacles.

hugh brunnemann 70001
Hugh Brunnemann, 3 September 1890, Flatonia, Texas

My great grandfather, Hugh Brunnemann, in a huge hat, next to an oak stump.

hugh brunnemann 50001
Hugh Brunnemann, about 1891, Flatonia, Texas

This is my great aunt Alice Brunnemann, on some kind of fur ‘thing.’

alice brunnemann0001
Alice Margaret Brunnemann, about 1912, Flatonia, Texas

This is my grandmother sitting on a dead animal pelt.

elaine brunnemann on antelope skin0001
Elaine Brunnemann on Dead Animal, about 1920, San Antonio, Texas

My great grandfather, Hugh, followed in his uncles’ footsteps with a life-long interest in photography.  Here are some of his more ‘interesting’ results.

This is my great grandmother, Annabelle McNatt Brunnemann with my grandmother and great uncle Auben Brunnemann.  My grandfather loved to take this photo out and show us kids whenever we visited.  My great grandmother would probably be mortified that I’ve posted it publicly (but she did have a great sense of humor, so maybe not…)

annabelle auben elaine0001
Annabelle Brunnemann (and hair) with Auben and Elaine Brunnemann, about 1921, San Antonio, Texas

This is my great grandfather about 1914 near McAllen, Texas.  I can’t imagine how you rode around on that bizarre little hand car.

hugh brunnemann 60001
Hugh Brunnemann, about 1914, near McAllen, Texas

This is my great grandfather making a fashion statement.

hugh brunnemann chopping0001
Hugh Brunnemann with hat and axe, about 1915, Flatonia, Texas

And finally, my great grandfather doing stupid pet tricks.

hugh brunnemann and dog0001
Hugh Brunnemann and friend, about 1920, San Antonio, Texas

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  1. You have a real treasure collection here! I’m exploring my own collection, but it’s nowhere near this one!

  2. Thanks very much! Yes, I’m pretty lucky to have come from a family of shutterbugs.

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