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I’m all about words, so when I was trying to find a name for the site, I wanted something unique but not too bizarre.  While I was trying out different titles, I kept coming back to ‘Runcible,’ Edward Lear’s nonsense word.  It just sort of rolls of the tongue while sounding very English and dignified.  ‘Existentialist’ came from my college ‘Intro to Psych’ days when I became fixated on Søren Kierkegaard; the Existentialists just seemed to speak to me.  So there you are – the Runcible Existentialist was born.

By trade, I am a policy analyst and director of three auditing departments at the Texas Workforce Commission.  I have been in public service for all my working life, first as an officer in the United States Air Force, then with the State of Texas.  My hobbies are genealogy, gardening, and travel.

I live with my puppies, Fannie and Mabel.  You can see more about my companions, past and present at Runcible Companions.



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  1. Anna Story says:

    My name is Anna Story. I am from Graves County, Kentucky, live in Lexington now. I love your website.
    I understand that you are related to some McNatts. Don’t know if your bunch is related to mine.
    John David and Nancy Olive McNatt were my great great grandparents. They lived in Marshall County, Ky c. 1880s through 1920s. John’s parents were Benjamin McNatt (1784-1852) and Elizabeth Wester (1798-1893). Benjamin’s parents were Mackey McNatt (1755-1811) and Dinah who migrated to Stewart Co, TN around 1800. His father may have been Leven Benson McNatt (1787-1856), but the dates I found online don’t add up right. Do you have any clues?
    I look forward to hearing from you. I could not find your name listed on this website, but Fannie and Mabel are sure sweet, as are all of your pets.

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out and your kind comments about my pets! We are from the same McNatt line – Mackey McNatt and Dinah are my fifth great grandparents through their son, Enoch McNatt and his wife Sarah Skinner. I am descended through their son, Dudley Williams McNatt and his second wife, Elizabeth Ann Hudson. I’ve done extensive work on the McNatts and am happy to share what I have – you can reach out to me at runcible-existentialist@sprynet.com.

      Thanks again!

      Chuck Ross

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