Things are coming along in the garden.




My yearly clematis photo


east bed

The east bed – filled in and mulched


new fountain

A new fountain


northwest bed

The northwest bed


northwest corner

The northwest corner


passion vine

Passion Vine Flower









Greetings from Charleston, South Carolina!

So this is a way late post…  I went to a Department of Labor Conference in Charleston, South Carolina in early March.  I’ve just been swamped with legislative session and haven’t gotten around to posting.

It was a very quick trip in-and-out of Charleston and only had about three hours to walk around, but the weather was fantastic.  There are some great cemeteries there.


church cemetery

A church cemetery with mossy trees



Late 17th Century Gravestone



Another Gravestone



One of Many Steeples



Azaleas at Their Peak


window box

Window Box on a Colonial House



Colonial House


Confederate Monument

Fort Sumter Monument


Fire House

Outside a Fire House