An Owl

Three weeks ago, the City of Austin cleared out some of the dead trees and underbrush directly behind the house.  That also cleared out a substantial area surrounding the two giant live oaks behind us and created a perfect space to hang the owl house.

I’ve had this owl house for five-or-six years, but apparently didn’t have the right conditions in the yard proper to entice any residents.  So I installed it in the newly cleared area.

Low and behold, we have an owl!  This is the best picture I can manage since it won’t let me get too close.  Maybe after some trust is gained, I can capture something less grainy.

Owl - March 2016

Owl House and Occupant – March 2016


I haven’t posted in a while; it’s been a tough time.  In January, we lost our Gus.  I think I’m still in shock.  Between five vets and three animal hospitals, we’re still not sure what happened.  He developed an exceptionally rare autoimmune reaction to something – maybe his vaccinations – and he just slipped away.


Gus – December 2015


Greetings from Washington, DC!

I had two trips to Washington in January and February.  The first one was the day after ‘snowpocalype,’ so I was stuck at the hotel most of the time.  The weather was much improved for my second trip in February.

White House

The White House – February 2016

Lincoln Memorial - February 2016

Lincoln Memorial – February 2016

Mall Silver Sculpture

Sculpture on the National Mall

Bronze Coat

A Bronze Coat – the National Mall – February 2016

National Gallery

Jan de Bray – Portrait of the Artist’s Parents Salomon de Bray and Anna Westerbaen, 1664 – The National Gallery