A Hard Summer and a Promising Fall

It’s been awhile since I posted; it’s been a hard summer.  In September, we lost Annabelle to an aggressive cancer.  Fortunately, she didn’t linger, but we were certainly unprepared.

It’s been difficult to be in the garden without her companionship, but I can still see her patrolling the yard and desperately, but unsuccessfully, trying to marshal the squirrels.

Here’s how I like to remember her…

Our road trip to Canada in 2004 – she had just turned a year old…

Canadian Roadtrip 00008

Annabelle – Johnston Canyon, Banff, Alberta, Canada – August 2004

Canadian Roadtrip 00006

Annabelle – Johnston Canyon, Banff, Alberta, Canada – August 2004

Annabelle in her backyard…


Annabelle’s Back Yard – Austin, Texas

Annabelle and Halloween – the kids just loved her…


A tired cowgirl – Halloween 2009

SI Exif

A pirate ready for the little kids – Halloween 2010

About a month ago, we dived in and got a puppy – Gus.  Gus is a short-haired Brussels Griffon.  The short-haireds are also known as Petit Brabançon.  He just graduated – barely – from puppy Kindergarten, but he’s generally getting by on his looks at this point.


Gus at 9 weeks – First visit to the vet – October 2015


Gus at 10 weeks – chillaxing – October 2015