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It’s simply amazing how much rain we’ve had in the past three weeks.  Luckily, it dried out enough yesterday so that I could mow the lawn, but the skies just opened up again – 1.3 inches in about 30 minutes.

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An interesting gardening accident…

So about a month ago, I got two morning glories (‘Grandpa Ott) from the Natural Gardener.  At least that’s what the pots said.  While the leaves looked exactly like morning glories, the flowers definitely were not.  Brian says they’re ‘moonflowers.’  … Continue reading

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Greetings from Houston, Texas!

Last weekend was our annual ‘double performance’ weekend at Houston Grand Opera.  Friday night was ‘Sweeney Todd‘ (they’ve started including one musical in the season) and Saturday was ‘Die Walküre‘  I have a thing about knives and straight razors, so … Continue reading

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