Winter in West Texas

So I was back in Abilene this weekend.  Hopefully the end is in sight for that – and it’s not a freight train.  The drive from Austin can be pretty bleak at this time of year, but I kept my eyes open (and had to take a detour), so I found some interesting sights.

This is a stretch between Brady and Santa Ana, Texas.

Santa Ana

Creek outside Santa Ana, Texas – January 2015

Highway 71 between Llano and Brady is closed in one spot, so I took a detour – very interesting.  This is the Bethel Chapel outside Katemcy, Texas.  There’s an interesting cemetery next to the chapel, but I didn’t have time to wander through it.

Bethel Chapel

Bethel Chapel, Katemcy, Texas – January 2015

The detour took me through Fredonia, Texas.  I’ve always noticed the signs for the Fredonia Peanut Company, so I finally had the opportunity to pass through.


Fredonia, Texas – January 2015


Fredonia, Texas – January 2015


Fredonia, Texas – January 2015

Let’s Talk About Soup

So it’s definitely soup weather these days in Austin – and I love it!

We’ve gotten several large bunches of carrots the past two months in our weekly Farmhouse Delivery box.  Luckily, we’ve run across several great carrot soup recipes.  My favourite to date is this Fennel and Carrot soup from Bondir, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Silky and elegant, this would definitely be the starter course for the Christmas dinner I keep planning in my head.  This worked very well with a great cava I found.  I liked it so much, Brian bought me a case of it.  The background music for this dinner was Schumann, Waldszenen, Op. 82.   The Waldszenen and the Schubert Impromptus are essentially my fall soundtrack.


Fennel and Carrot Soup from Bondir

This one – Curried Carrot and Apple Soup – from ‘Food & Wine’ was superb.  It’s hardier than the first one and really complex.  It was a fantastic meal on its own with rye bread.  The dinner music for this was a CD I got for Christmas – Masterpieces by Ellington.  Probably the best version of ‘Sophisticated Lady’ I’ve ever heard.

curried carrot soup

Curried Carrot and Apple Soup – Food & Wine, November 2014

I was in the mood for goulash, so we had this Beef and Potato Goulash from Martha Stewart.  It was pretty good, but for me, the goulash gold standard is the one I had in Vienna at Die Zwölf-Apostelkeller.  The one we made was paired with this French Grenache, but I really enjoy goulash with a great Czech beer, Pilsner Urquell.


Goulash with Domaine de la Damase Crenache