Greetings from Salt Lake City, Utah!

It seems I just get back from one trip before I’m off on another.  This week, I’m at a Department of Labor conference in Salt Lake City.  I’d been here before, but only in ‘pass throughs’ on my way to Santa Barbara.

It’s a nice town – it reminds of Missoula, Montana.  Yesterday afternoon, I went running at Memory Grove Park.  It’s Salt Lake’s War Memorial.  A lovely place in the foothills with a river and waterfall. And the trees were turning, so fall colour!  I’m planning to go back tomorrow if the weather improves so I can get some photos.

I also wandered around the Mormon Temple complex.  Interesting.  I reminded me of ‘Schloss Neuschwanstein meets the Museum of Modern Art.’  I also need to go back there tomorrow for photos.

Mormon Temple Complex – Salt Lake City, Utah

Here are some photos I took from the plane.


Utah – Approach to Salt Lake City


Utah – Approach to Salt Lake City


Utah – Approach to Salt Lake City


Utah – Approach to Salt Lake City