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Mulch – I’m still alive to tell the tale…

So yesterday was my annual mulch day.  I usually do that in late April/early May when the oak process – old leaf drop; tassles; pollen – is completed, but I was exceptionally busy with the Legislature this year and the … Continue reading

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Gourds and Goat

So this is what we got in our weekly shipment of produce from Farmhouse Delivery.   Mostly recognizable, but I have no idea how I’m going to use that squash.  It looks more like what I decorate the house with in … Continue reading

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Garden Update – First of the Year

So yesterday was my first real ‘work day’ of the year in the garden.  I’ve been piddling around here-and-there all year, but yesterday was the first ‘back-breaker’ as it were.  Odd-number years are never good for me because of the … Continue reading

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Genealogy and the Moral Dilemma

So I ran across an interesting article last week on Slate – George W. Bush’s Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather was a Slave Trader.  The article traces the genealogical research establishing that this progenitor of the Bush family was, in fact, Thomas ‘Beau’ Walker, … Continue reading

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An Old Toilet Seat

So, this was our week for the quarterly bulk trash collection.  Those things are always fascinating for various reasons.  First off, I’ve never understood why the City of Austin tries to keep them so secret, e.g. not publishing them on … Continue reading

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Cemeteries Are Fun!

So I’m a rabid genealogist and cemeteries are like my second home.  I think this has become a trend in recent years – seems to be growing exponentially.  Tracing the different fads and fashions in headstones through history is … Continue reading

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Another Great Comic Find

So yeah, I know humor is very subjective, but thanks to a recent Pearls Before Swine comic, I stumbled onto Cyanide & Happiness.  I think it’s HYlerious and this one had me hooked. This one’s timely, too…

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